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    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    Podcasting & Vodcasting

    How to access Lectures, etc on itunes
    Absolutely Intercultural
    Academic Word of the Day
    Barcelona Young Learners efl podcasts
    BBC Learning English
    BBC Flatmates
    BBC GCSE Bitesize-English Audio
    Daily Motion, this one is for spelling. Search for ESL videos for other topics
    Splendid Speaking
    Speaking and Listening Renata's Corner
    Teaching Listening Skills onestopenglish
    This WEEK in TECH Podcast
    The Bob and Rob Show
    Very Vocabulary
    Videos- Story Telling by students of English in Portugal
    Video & songs: Nick Peachey, example Ana Maria Menezes
    We love your accent podcasts with people from all over Britain

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