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    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    Welcome to Our Class 2006

    Photo taken from the Opera House on New Year's Eve

    We will be starting the new course in February. If you happen to visit us before that, you can start exploring Sydney's People Podcast, where you'll find short listening files that will introduce you to different people from Sydney.

    Have a listen too to the very interesting podcasts in Barcelona Young Learners EFL Podcasts.

    You will be doing your own podcasts very soon. One of last semester's students did his own: Yuki's Podcast.

    On Thursday 26th January it was Australia Day. You can get an idea of what it means and how it is celebrated if you visit last year's post here. You may want to search the net for news articles on that day. There is quite a lot of controversy about celebrating it on that specific date. Can you tell me why?

    Previous students created a quiz on Australia, Oz Quiz. Try to answer the questions to check your knowledge of all things Australian.

    Start getting ideas on what to talk about. It's going to be fun!

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