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    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Our First Lesson

    Hi all,
    Welcome to our class blog!

    Before we get going, you should think a bit about good computer habits. It is very important to get used to having a good posture when you are working on the computer so that you don't get back pain, etc. You will find very useful information and some language exercises here: Computer Health.

    Today we will have a look at what a blog is. Search the net for a definition (Google, Ask Jeeves, Alltheweb search). An example of a class blog is the one my previous class had, Our class 2005. Spend some minutes exploring it and you will get an idea of what we will be doing on Tuesdays. Make sure you visit some of the student blogs.

    Later we will start our own blogs. If you have trouble, this power point presentation can help you: Blogger.com Tutorial.

    We are subscribed to Time4English. Ask me the username and password and you can read/listen to some of their activities. It's a great resource for students at your level.
    Palawat just found a reading on Uluru. It's in level 4, Vacation English Course.

    TypeQuick is a program that can help you learn typing more efficiently. All TAFE pcs have it. You will need a floppy disc to use it. Ask me to show you how it works. When you have time, you can practise at the college library or ASC.

    Today is St Valentine 's Day. Do you celebrate it in your country of origin? Read about it on St Valentine's Day post in Our Class 2005. Then go to our forum and answer the forum question.

    Ask me for a headset and listen to any of the listening sites/blogs in Listening Links (right sidebar) or in Sydney's People Podcasts. There is a good example of what I'd love you to achieve in the previous post of this blog.

    Good fun and happy learning!

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