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    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Vaucluse House & Nielsen Park

    • Today we had a magnificent sunny Sydney day. I'm putting some photos in a bubbleshare album. If you want to send me any of your photos, email them to me and I can add them.

    I'm not going to write about the day here. You can write about it in your blogs. Leave a general comment here about the day with a link to your blog. That way everybody will be able to read what you have written about our excursion.

    • I ahve published more of your podcasts in Let's Talk. I will publish all of them bit by bit. Be patient and keep and eye on both Let's talk and Sydney's People Podcast.
    • Keep publishing your blogs. It's a fantastic tool to practise your English and to keep in contact. I love the way you've writing to each other for encouragement and moral support when you've had difficulties or one type or another. And keep writing to other ESL blogs, too.
    • POdcasting by yourself: you can easilyu do it at home if you register with podomatic. Then you can send me recorded emails!

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