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    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Health Issues

    As you know, we have committed ourselves to helping the Student Association with the organising of the Health Expo food. Our class is also conducting some health related surveys which will be answered by the other AMEP classes and some high level classes. We should finish typing them today. The surveys are on Alternative Medicines, Diet and Lifestyle.

    To help you with the vocabulary and content of your surveys and podcasts, check the following activities:

    • Go to Time4English, News Library 7J. Read the article Hot Chips cause Cancer. It's a good idea to read the three levels, it will help you with vocabulary and comprehension.
    • Now read the article 7Y Take-Away Food Dangerous. Read the three levels.
    In your blog write a summary of both articles and tell us what you think.
    • Check the following links to help us with the Health surveys for Health Day:

    Better Health Obesity. Do the worksheet Obesity. (You can print it or do it online)

    Better Health Skin Cancer, download the worksheet Skin Cancer.(You can print it).

    They have a BMI Calculator. You just enter your hwight and weight and it'll tell you your BMI and if it's healthy or not. (Thanks Marion for the tip!)

    Check their health quizzes to get more ideas for yours.

    • To prepare the radio programs for the Health Expo day, have a look at the program. Choose a topic or some stalls that you would like to visit and start preparing questions for the people who are manning the stalls.
    • You should also prepare a script:
    How are you going to introduce the radio program? Write a draft.
    What are you going to ask the experts?
    What are you going to ask the public (students and teachers).
    What can you ask the organisers of the day (Student Association and AMEP teachers and students)

    Check this idea: Radio program on music and recipes from all our countries done by William's New Zealand students (on a real radio station). We could just do it ourselves and broadcast in our podcasts.

    • Have a look at this great digital stories about Health! They were created by primary school children from Adelaide. This is one of the ideas we had for after our Health Day. You can also create some with the information you've got from all the literature we've been reading (like how to read food labels, skin cancer prevention, etc).
    • Totally unrelated, but relaxing (remember that mental health is very important too), have a look at 2 music videos that I found just by pure chance the other day. You will find the music familiar. Enjoy them!

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    At 4:40 PM, Blogger SILVANA-FLORIST said...

    Hi, Rosa
    I'll try to guess but I'm not sure. That picture looks like decorative material, cover for bed,handmade, beautiful decoration. You probably want to confuse us with the title for healthy food.

    At 5:01 PM, Blogger kovana said...

    Hi Rosa!
    It looks like a piece of material and on the top modern art.This art incudes:the mark left after a plate was there and sprinkle from some gunpowder.

    At 6:15 PM, Blogger Rosa said...

    Not bad, not bad.

    It is something related to material and fabric. Nothing to do with health...and definitely nothing to do with gunpowder. Sorry!

    At 6:43 PM, Blogger Dan said...

    hi, Rosa

    I think it may be a some of special decorative material as curtain to use .It may be came from Mongolia, to analyze for it's shape,its appearance are covered by long fluff,so I juge its source.
    If use it in Austrlia ,may be can prevent skin cancer,play a joke.

    At 7:00 PM, Blogger marielle said...

    hello Rosa
    well in a concrete way I think it's a bed cover with some dust spots but in an abstract way , it represents some fat in the arteries .

    At 7:01 PM, Blogger Anastasiya said...

    Hi Rosa!
    It looks like decorative silk or a piece of handmade material. But it's very beautiful decoration. And i think nothing common with health.

    At 12:11 AM, Blogger bab said...

    Hi Rosa,

    I think it is a bed cover that you made or it is from your country home.


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