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    Friday, September 29, 2006

    Dublin ESL students exchange

    Another guessing pic! Write your answers in comments. You were telling me that last week's picture reminded you of fields and hills seen form the air . Check some beautiful arial (birds' eye view) photos here.

    Peter Sheekey, an ESL teacher from Dublin (Ireland) has contacted me to see if you can have an exchange with his students. If you read this during the holidays, check their blogs in Peter's Class. We will work on more ideas for the exchanges with them and New Zealand after the Health Expo radio programs and Health surveys reports are finished. Meanwhile, you can answer his student's quizzes on Romania, Ukraine and Latvia. Write the answers in your blogs (so that nobody else sees them immediately) and leave a message in their blog asking Peter's students to see if they are correct.

    Room5 podcast is a blog where Primary school children from New Zealand publish their podcasts. Check them. They are amazing! Leave them a comment too, they'll be very happy to see that they have a wide audience.

    Check Marion's student Vicky's answer for the collage challenge from our excursion to the Sydney Harbour Pylon. She's got all the answers but 2! Can anyone guess the missing 2?

    More photostories hosted in Myspace is an amazing place. I've left a permanent link to a list of photostories on the sidebar. I'll be updating it and if/when you publish yours, it'll have a link there too. There're already two of yours there. Check them out!

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    At 11:41 PM, Blogger Dan said...

    Hi,Rosa,have a good holiday,
    I think of this picture may be a sort of salt ponds nearby cost,but I don't make sure, because only salt ponds is read colors while you seen from air(bird's eye view).
    In it's middle have a lot of light green spots ,there are that doesn't completely sunned new salt,so I think them be salt ponds.

    At 12:31 AM, Blogger Rosa said...

    Dan, not bad, but it's not salt lakes near the coast. It's related to all of that, though...

    At 7:05 PM, Blogger Dan said...

    hi Rosa, the Room's podcast wasn't downloaded and sometimes wasn't played after downloading ,so I can't complete it .

    At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Jane Nicholls said...

    Hi Rosa
    I'm the teacher from Room 5 podcast, thanks for your kind words. Podcasting is an amazing way to motivate students to read, write and speak with a purpose! They will be excited to read your blog entry when I show them on Monday.

    At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi we are the children from Room 5 and we are very happy that you like our podcasts. Thanks for listening!


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