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    Friday, February 17, 2006

    Welcome to Marion's Class

    Last Thursday you were fantastic! You put into practice what you had learnt with Liz and myself about the language of giving instructions in English and helped Marion's students get an email address.

    As you can see Marion was very busy going from one side of the clasroom to the other.

    Today's work:
    • go to Time4English and listen to THIS WEEK'S STORY, Ageing at Home
    • Go to the forum and answer the question on that topic
    • Open your blog and write about a holiday place in your country of origin.
    • Find a good site that can show good information about that place and insert a link to it. I can show you how to do it if you don't know.
    • Search for a good picture or map to go with it (remember to check the copyright or use a picture from one of the public free to share sites, like Flickr or Creative Commons) . If you have your own picture upload it.
    • Today I would like everyone to visit Sydney's People Podcast and go to the last post, Catching Marlin. Listen to it and answer the questions in your blogs. Marion's students can write them down on paper.
    • Yesterday I went to an inspiring concert by Japan's premier solo taiko drummer Eitetsu Hayashi. It was very interesting because of the multicultural mix of the musicians. Apart from the soloist and his two Japanese drummers, there was a group of taiko drummers from Sydney, Taikoz . There was also a very well known performer of shakuhachi, Riley Lee, who is originally from Texas, and a didgeridoo artis, Matthew Doyle. Can you find out more about any of these artists? Can you also find the instruments mentioned above? What type of instruments are there? What do they look like? Where do they come from? What does the oz in Taikoz mean?

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