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    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Party Invitation & Report Writing

    Anna and Chi getting their certificate.

    Last Thursday we had a party to celebrate the completion by some students of the Let's Participate (citizenship preparation) course .

    Thank you everyone for the beautiful food you prepared for the occasion. And thank you very much to Green, who gave a very good in promptu speech.

    As Marion told you, there will be another Let's Participate course at the end of this semester.

    1. Last week you analysed the language and structure of invitations and wrote one for the citizenship Party. Today you have to read this invitation for an end-of-term party and write a reply telling me that you can't come. As my phone is engaged, send me an email.
      Refuse the invitation in a polite way. Remember the stages:
      First-Thank me for the invite.
      Second-Apologise for not being able to come.
      Third-Give a reason.
      Fourth-Wish me a good time.

      2. In Time4English, go to Upper Intermediate 2G Aboriginal culture. Listen to it and do the exercises. Print the final page. Listen and repeat to learn the intonation and pronunciation. Later on you will be dictating it to a classmate. The aim will be to be undestood!

      3. Listen to Ana Maria: Flamenco. Write the answers in a piece of paper and then write an article about her in your blog.

      4. Research: search the net for information and photos-or even a video- of a traditional dance from your country. Write a report in your blog. You can read The Jota as an example.

      5. Go to Approaches to Learning and follow the instructions in announcements.

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      At 4:02 AM, Blogger bab said...

      Hello Rosa,

      Nice photos and good luck to the people who became an Australian.



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