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    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Recipes & Train Timetables

    Who was it that brought chupa chups to class?

    • Yesterday we read a short biography of Elvis, the King. Go to the computer and in programs, educational programs, click on Issues in English 2 and on the topic Fame-level 1. You will find many exercises about Elvis. They are good fun. You can try some of them, especially the pronunciation and listening (there's even a dictation)
    • Last Tuesday afternoon we were playing a guessing game and we came across a vegetable, fennel, which is used by some cultures as a herb, others use it as a salad ingredient, some use the fennel seeds while other cultures do not use it at all. We also spoke about eggplants and their use in different cuisines.

    As we are studying the language of instructions (or procedural texts) and recipes are one very basic example of that text genre (type of text), here is a challenge for you: write a recipe that contains fennel or eggplant as one of its ingredients. Not only write the recipe, but also tell us about it, where does it come from? Has it got any special history behind? As an example, read my recipe Sicilian winter salad.

    • Planning an excursion. We are going to the Pylon Lookout on Thursday. Have a look at the cityrail Train timetables worksheet on how to read train timetables and answer the questions at the bottom. You can print the worksheet.

    When you finish the worksheet, keep the cityrail website open and answer the following questions:

    1. At what time should you catch the train to arrive in Town Hall at 9: 41 from Kogarah?
    2. What time you should catch the train from Carlton to get onto the same train as the Kogarah 9:16 am?
    3. What train do you have to catch from Rockdale to get to TownHall at 9:41 am?
    • Go to Time4English. On the Menu section, click on Grammar Book and go to letter D, Despite, Although, However. Read the theory and do the exercises.
    • Go to Approaches to Learning and follow the instructions.

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