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    Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    Radio Programs

    Today we won't have a lot of time in the computer room because the end of semester pathway talks are taking place from 10 am onwards. We'll see how we go...This is the program:

    10:00am Katarina with ESP
    10:20 - 11:30am, EFS, Oracy-4 will have their little spiel, then a break.
    11:30am: Jenny Sturman CEEW and Jean Turner Communications

    Location: The general area near the Ping Pong table, ground floor, Hogben St

    If we have time, will work on recording our radio interviews. If we are in the computer room, use Audacity and then we will store your recording in a memory stick/upload into Our media. If, on the other hand, we are downstairs in the lab, we will record a couple with the mp3 player.

    A teacher from Canada has sent me an email, asking to exchange links with her blog. I said yes because I found her blog very interesting. She is like the Agony Aunt section in a magazine. Students send her a problem, question, etc and she gives them an answer with advice, information,etc. One stop English have a Friendship Advice Forum. Visit it, it has many varied entries.

    It would make a very interesting funny radio program. One of you is Agony Aunt and the rest phone in with questions, sunusual situations, et (you can do it tongue-in-cheek)

    On radio, TV, newspapers and magazines you can read movie reviews. Many people write them in their blogs. Read this review of the Indian movie Water in the blog Thinking about....

    Don't frorget to listen to Suzanne's podcasts, the one about EFS and her personal one.

    In the same blog I found an interesting link to Guyana, where Emile's mother comes from, read the post Guyanese Proverbs. Thanks for your opinion on his slide show. Publish them on your blogs. They are very interesting and I hope your wishes come true!

    Marko found the answer for the photographs (the ones that look like blood or lava from a volcano). Ask him about it or look at his written answer. I'm still waiting for someone to tell us what is new about our class blog appearance.

    There is a new audio comment and a new written comment in Let's talk, Helen's questions on school. Check it out! And don't forget to answer your classmates' questions.

    Phrasal Verbs. Visit Dave's Sperling's site for a very thorough collection of phrasal verbs and their meanings.Go to Time4English menu (in the centre of the cover page) for another collection of phrasal verbs. Read the introductory explanations on not separable and separable phrasal verbs.

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