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    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Digital stories

    Stop Press!
    Everyone is saddened by the sad news about Steve Irwin's death. YOu can read about it on the abc website, Steve Irwin's final moments.

    Next week you should be able to view the video from Andrew Denton's Enough Rope tribute broadcasted yesterday. You can read the transcript of an old interview from 22 March 2004, Steve and Terri Irwin.

    The collage on the right is from our excursion to the Pylon Lookout. Can you tell us what each piece of the puzzle represents?

    Have you started creating a digital story with your photos of the excursion?

    Two weeks ago when we had a digital story workshop, we used Photostory. There are other tools you can use to create a photo story. Below is an example of a very simple one created by Delia Bradshaw. It was done with bubbleshare. You can join on the internet. It is free. You can record your voice on each picture and it's very easy to add it to your blog.

    digital story

    This album is powered by
    Add to my blog

    Other examples: Scissors, Remembering my grandmother.

    Another example is the one created by an AMEP student, Robert, at the end of last semester: Salsa.

    • An ESOL teacher from New Zealand, Hadashi* (real name William) has written comments in some of your blogs and would like you to exchange comments, etc with his students. I think it's a fantastic idea. What do you think? We could send them recorded questions, create a quiz on Australia for them, ask them about New Zealand, etc. Read your comments from him, answer them and start thinking... We will do an activity, Group Writing, based on his idea, to start working on this exchange.
    • Ramy told us about the news program Lateline. You can watch the video and read the script at the same time.

    * What does Hadashi mean? What language is it?

    • Go to Approaches to Learning and follow the instructions.
    • Read this poster created by one of Sally's students (AMEP-C). Don't bring lunch on Thursday! It's for a good cause and a great idea.

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    At 5:31 PM, Blogger Gloria said...

    Hi Rosa.
    I can recognise the puzzle's piece, pool's water, Opera House and Harbour Bridge, stained glass,, gift from shop "snow...", Bulb, Captain Cook, old spoon of exhibition, but I'm not sure some picture like a roof .

    At 6:08 PM, Blogger Gloria said...

    Hi Rosa:
    I think is interesting to talk with the NZ People. We should try with my classmate to record and send some questions to NZ Student..
    I like your idea...
    We try.

    At 6:18 PM, Blogger SILVANA-FLORIST said...

    Hi Rosa,
    There are interesting parts on that picture and I'll try to explain spme of them. I can see a bulb, Sydney Opera Hause and Harbour abridge behind it,gifts from the shop, a little spoon,Captain Cook, a digger on the glass, part of the swimming pool, name of the place on the window.One thing left,I don't know what is it.

    At 6:21 PM, Blogger dina said...

    Hi Rosa,
    I am not very sure of your puzzle.the pictures in the puzzle are harbour bridge behind ophera house,digger in glass work,iteams in the shop,water of the swimming pool,head of captain Cook,amnother one may a lightr shed.

    At 3:50 AM, Blogger Rosa said...

    Not bad!BUt I would like more details:
    Where is the light bulb from?
    It is not the Opera House, really.
    Neither it is Captain Cook himself!
    Where's the spoon? It's something made of metal, but not a spoon...
    Yes, it's water form the swimming pool. Which swimming pool, though?

    And very good, there is part of the protective glass with names of suburbs and Aboriginal groups from each area.

    So back to you guys!

    At 3:52 AM, Blogger Rosa said...

    I forgot, the glass ball is called a snowdome.

    At 8:20 PM, Blogger Gloria said...

    Hi Rosa
    Hadashi is meaning William in Japanese.

    At 8:54 AM, Blogger sany said...

    Hadashi means barefoot in Japanese.william must be never like to wear shoes. :)


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