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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    Digital stories list

    bbc.co.uk wales home is a very comprehensive repository of digital stories. Within it there are many examples in Capture Wales*. A very good one, simple but effective, is the one with a shoe. Silence Speaks, Telling Lives, Breaking Barriers, Path of Me. Watch them!

    Another great link with examples is the BBC Humber Stories*

    Video Nation*, also BBC UK, has more digital stories

    My space is an amazing place

    Delia's Bradshaw Bubbleshare story on WOmad

    BarbaraDieu's Close to my heart

    Health digital stories by Adelaide primary school kids

    Digital Director's Guild

    Scissors, Remembering my grandmother

    Centre for Digital Storytelling tells you everything about digital storytelling. You can view stories in quicktime, which works at TAFE

    acmi is an Australian site with a digital story section

    MCL ESL Digital Stories has lots of links and good student examples

    Finally visit this post What's in a name? from Ayden, a teacher whose students have published individual short photostories interpreting their names. They are in windows media player, so you won't have any problems watching them at TAFE.

    And now, let's do it!

    My students' photostories

    Robert's Salsa
    Anna's recount of the Pylon Lookout excursion

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    Sunday, September 11, 2005

    2006 Semester 1 students

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