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    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    Health Expo-Check out these podcast episodes!

    Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

    Let's talk! New episodes:
    Anastasiya: Kelly
    Anastasiya: Kylie
    Laya, Dan & Silvana: General Practitioners
    Silvana's Health Expo radio segment: Sexual Assault
    Layla, Dan & Silvana: Health Expo: Women's Health
    Rosa: Chem

    There's a slideshow and more info on the Health Expo on these links:
    Heath Expo 24th November 2006
    Health Expo (with your surveys)
    Thank you Student Association
    Morning Tea

    Silvana's Health Expo radio segment: Cancer Council
    Silvana: Chiropractor

    Marielle's First radio program

    Marielle, Sophie adn everyone, Teresa D'Almeida from Portugal has left a very encouraging message in Marielle's first program. She would like you to send messages to her students. Please do and it'd be great if you could record them in podomatic (remember, to do so yo must join podomatic!)

    Also, check Dan's photostories in his blog (sidebar link). They are very good examples of what you can do. Not only photos and music, but talking, too. Great job, Dan!
    Enjoy! -- rosa

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    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Health Expo 24th November 2006

    A few Sundays ago I went for a bush walk in the middle of Sydney, Lane Cove. It was a beautiful spring day and the flannel flowers were out in their whitest glory!

    Today we are going to edit our recordings on Health Expo day, which took place last Tuesday. Everyone agrees it was a great success, in great part thanks to our involvement. We will post your radio programs about the day in Let's Talk.

    Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

    One of the stalls was the Largest Underwater Dance Class, which is a fund raising event for CanTeen. It's going to be broadcast on Channel 7, on Sunrise live from 6 am to 9 am this Friday morning. We spoke to Paul Feitz, a TAFE student at St George college who was at St George manning a stall for the event. Check out this smh video clip. Channel 7 had a video clip with Paul in it, but I'm afraid they've taken it off air!

    During the week you may find time to listen to Olga's podcast. Some of you may be leaving us at the end of this semester to go on to study or work. Olga has written some very useful guides for employment of skilled migrants. Check them out in Sydney's People Podcast.

    On a totally different topic, I found this video of something that is only too common in our classes. Is it real or a set up? You can be the judges: The phone never rings twice...

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    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Health Expo

    This photo is the answer to previous post photoguess. Some of you were right, the picture is related to fish. Nothing to do with tongues, strawberries or salt lakes, tough! Unfortunately I can't remember the name of this fish, so it'd be nice if anyone knows and tells us. The pictures were taken in a Vietenamese fish market in Marrickville.

    These are the surveys you created for the other ESOL students to fill in:
    Alternative Medicine
    Food & Diet

    And these are the relsults of the survey. You worked very hard collating the data, creating the graphs an dinterpreting them. Well done!

    Alternative Medicine Survey Results
    Lifestyle Survey Results
    Food & Diet

    Listen to our radio program on the day!

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    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Spot the Difference

    I was talking to Dan and Anna about how to change pictures for your blogs. Sometimes you may only want a small detail, you may prefer the picture to look narrow, you may want to create a collage, a guessing picture, etc. The easiest way is with paint. You will find paint in programs/accessories. I use it all the time for my blog.

    There are nuch better programs ( I think Adobe Photoshop is one of them), but they are harder to use. I'm lucky my son helps me sometimes. This is something we did last year , spot the difference and 2nd Competition. Try to do them. It's fun!

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    Welcome back!!

    I hope you all had a great break. Mine was fantastic, lots of resting, catching up with friends and family and only a tiny bit of blogging.

    Welcome to our two new classmates, Yuki and Becky. We'll set up their blogs today, so say hello to them.

    As nobody seems to have guessed the picture from the last post, I've put this one to help you. Write your guess in comments.

    • Go to our previous post, Dublin ESL students exchange and do the activities mentioned there. Some of them have left questions and comments in your blogs. Please read them and answer them.
    • Peter Sheekey, the teacher from Dublin, has prepared a text on Dublin. Listen to Peter's dictation and write down everything you hear.
    • I know it's Tuesday today, but have you heard of Mondayitis? Find out about it in Time4English, This Week's story.
    • This afternoon we'll start interpreting the Health Surveys you did before the holidays. We will need to do some graphs to present the results of the surveys. So let's look at some models. Go to Time4English, last level : Business and Academic and read 3D Describe a Graph 1 & 3E Describe a Graph 2. Don't write the essays, just do the exercises and write a summary of each graph.
    • Some of you should remind me to show you how to send email attachments and need to give me your new blog URL.
    • Please show me your internet bookmarks/favourites. You should have 2 folders: English & another of your choice (music, travel, etc). Each folder should have at least 3 favourite sites.
    • Catch up with any work outstanding. We haven't got many weeks before the end of the year and there is so much to do! One of the things I sent you for the holidays was the assessment task Exploring the Internet. Please send me the answers as an attachment.

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