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    Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    Summer Holidays!

    We are all already on our summer holiday and nearing the Christmas season. I wish you all a great relaxing break with family and friends.
    12 CGVE students and two teachers from the English and Design sections at St George College of TAFE got together and collaborated in a fantastic project, a mural for the parking area of the college, called Unity. Listen ot the teachers, Michael and Julie and 2 of the students, Kelly and Lee talking about it and how their aim was to encourage team work, collaboration and harmony between people from very different cultures. Well done everybody!

    Listen to the Unity podcast here. It leaves us a message of hope. What a nice way of farewelling the year!

    During your holidays, keep practising your English. You know where all the links are to podcasts and exercises. Write in your blogs. I[ll be watching! Do not stop writing to other ESL students from Dublin, Portugal, New Zealand, etc. By the way, Teresa D'Almeida has been nominated for the best teacherblog, Have Fun with English2. Write to her and congratulate her. You may also be in time to vote for her!

    Here are are some games for the young ones (your children or yourselves!)
    Games for young learners
    Have a great holiday. I'll think of you while I'm in Spain!

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