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    Monday, February 27, 2006

    MoonRock esl

    Listen to it and answer the questions. You can check some of the words used in the interview in the glossary provided in the post. This is part of your orientation to studying in TAFE (Australian Systems and Culture) and it will help you with your educational pathways (Introduction to English Language Skills and Individual PlanB). Listening to an interview is also one of the many ways you can practise your English (Approaches to Learning).

    You can see the new photo in last week's podcast, some students were asking about Alex...

    • Write the name of four of the subjects you are studying in CESOL II
    • Go to time4English and find out what happened on March 2nd 1946
    • Why are firefighters in Shimohetsugi embarrassed?
    • Go to Upper Intermediate / Advanced and do exercise 2N on the Present simple tense.
    • Go to the forum and give your opinion on the topic of the week
    • Spend some time catching up with your blogs (eg write your holiday recount, opinion about arranged marriages, or your answers to previous weeks' work)
    • Remind Rosa to show you how TypeQuick works
    • I sent you an email with an attachment from the student association and some questions on it. Don't forget to send me the answers!
    • Finally, for homework and assessment: prepare instructions to help Marion's students start a blog and do their first post. If you need help, check the Power point Blogger.com Tutorial at the bottom of the right sidebar

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