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    Monday, May 15, 2006

    What do you think?

    I apologise for some of the podcasts not working. It looks as if the whole TAFE server is down. I managed to upload Suzanne's podcast in our media, though. All of you have been thinking of what to do next semester if you complete level 4. As you know, Suzanne is the EFS Coordinator. Listen to her talking about EFS. It may help you with your study plan.

    Berta, a teacher from Venezuela has left a comment in Teresa's blog, Fun for English2. It has a link to Berta's slide show on Venezuelan women. Listen to it and write 5 questions on it and write your opinion about the role of women and men in our society. (3/4 paragraphs) in your blog.

    Go to our forum and answer the questions on the what Berta tells us some women do in Venezuela when they marry "they leave the daily care of their children to their mother an maid or a day care centre"

    See who can spot (see, find) what's new about Our Class 2006 appearance.

    Answer your classmates questions in Let's talk. Try to record your answers.

    In Fun for English 2, Teresa d'Almeida has posted a text written by one of his students, Pedro. Read it and read all the comments, many by students of English and teachers of English from all over the world. Write a comment for Pedro and don't forget to write down who you are, where you come from and where you live.

    In Time4English, click on Grammar book (centre of the home page), then click on the letter P and do the passive exercises. It will reinforce what we are learning in class.

    Finally, Alex gave me the promised video clip from his fishing trip. Watch it here, Catching Marlin.How long did it take them to catch it? How does he say it? How long and heavy was this marlin?

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    At 6:47 PM, Blogger Gloria said...

    Hi Rosa:
    I can't to listen about the information The EFS where Sussan is talking for us.
    I think that is my computar is wrong, I don't know.
    Have a nice weekend


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