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    Friday, May 19, 2006

    Music, trips, excursions and other things

    Marion and Sally's classes went on an excursion to the Sydney Aquarium. Check Marion's post.

    Visit Harjit's blog. She's posted a recount of her Easter Show trip. You should go next year. It's worth a visit.

    Prepare questions for Emile. He said he may have time tomorrow afternoon. Listen to his slide show talk in Sydney's People Podcast.

    I'm also posting Suzanne: music mania, although she hasn't given me the photos yet. Don't listen to it in class, leave it for the weekend.

    Remind me to help you open the comments (if you want) to allow students from other countries to write in them without having to subscribe to blogger.

    As you didn't do the work last week, try anddo as much as possible today. So get ready and start work in What do you think?

    I'm still waiting for someone to guess what these pictures are of: the one in this blog, the one in What do you think? andthe one in Sydney's People Podcast.

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