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    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    Word Clouds

    Wordcloud made by snapshirts. Thanks Bee for the link!

    • Today we haven't got a lot of time in the computer room. Go to Marion's blog and read about Steve Irwin, carpe diem and what her students wrote about it. In your blog, write the meaning of carpe diem and write your thoughts about it.
    • Go to enough rope and listen to Steve Irwin's interview. Write your opinion in your blog. To listen and read at the same time, click on 2003 script and click on Listen to full interview. You can also view part of the interview by clicking Play Video (to read that part of the interview, open the full 2003 script, go to the top toolbar: Edit and go down to Find in this page. At the bottom of the page a window will appear, write one of the first words from the beginning of the video, like cartoon or conservationist, click on Find next and it will highlight that word on the script. Now you can start the video an dread at the same time).
      • Check Marion's students' blogs. They are making a lot of progress! Their answers to the collage are very good.
      • Go to Approaches to Learning. I rewrote the instructions to make them more user-friendly. See if you can follow them. There's a very good link to a website with drawings of a computer and its parts and functions.
      • We will finish our group writings & podcasts to be uploaded onto Let's talk:
        • Quiz for our New Zealand friends (insert pictures/map)
        • Steve Irwin: article and podcast (type and record)
        • Description of Our Class and podcast (type and upload)
        • Radio interview withSally and her students about International Food Market (record to upload)
      • Today's picture is made of words. Where do they come from? You can make your own for your blog!

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      At 6:48 PM, Blogger SILVANA-FLORIST said...

      I think that the meaning of these words( carpe diem)is to use the day a 100%,to take everything the day lets you to do, but the real meaning is: Live your life as you wish according to your rules to enjoy every minute, every second, now, don't thing about the future. On the other hand be happy because we don't have two lifes,only one


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