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    Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    Hello Rose-Marie's Class!

    For new bloggers in Marion's class and future bloggers in Rose-Marie's Class, these are some of the things you should get ready:

    • Buy a pair of headphones with microphone (you don't have to spend more than $11.00-$12.00)
    • It's a good idea to bring a floppy disk or a memory stick to class, in order to save some of your work and to bring photos from home (you can also email the photos to yourself)

    Now let's get to work!

    1. Go to Sydney's People Podcast and listen to Winter Olympics.
    2. Listen to this interactive story:Interactive listening maze
    3. I'm not sure we can use Time4English today. Our subscription expires on Friday and I have renewed it, but it looks as if we've already been cut off! If we can sign in, go to Intermediate and listen to How to be Safe in a Hurricane. It gives you another example of written instructions. You can use it as revision for your assessment with Liz on giving instructions.
    4. Also in Time4English Intermediate, go to MORE/ GRAMMAR BOOK and print the tense chart (under T). It's a very good summary f English tenses.
    5. Do the first exercise on the Past Simple.
    6. Listen to Time4English This week's Story: Healthy pople: Unhealthy Environment. It's related to one of our topics for the semester (Health)
    7. Go to the Forum and give your opinion on today's topic.
    8. There are many discussion fora (plural of forum, although forums is accepted too) for ESL students on the net. Dave ESL's Cafe has one and I found this interesting discussion on Chinese chopsticks. You can take part in it, but what really grabbed my attention most was a flash picture of a hand holding chopsticks. Click on it and you can read a list of DO's and DON'Ts on how to use chopsticks. Another excellent example of written instructions.
    9. We have been talking about Water Safety. Visit the Surf Life Saving Australia website. You can read about Zane Holmes winning the Interclub Ironman Final at the World Lifesaving Championships at Lorne on Sunday. There is a 1 minute video with the article.
    10. Visit Wollongong Lifeguard Service for good pictures and information about waves and rips.

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