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    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Exchange with New Zealand

    Our class has prepared several activities for our New Zealand friends.

    • A description of our class. You can listen to it in Let's Talk and read the script at the same time. It was prepared by Robert & Sarina.

    • Oz Quiz (Whats' the meaning of Oz?). Prepared by Anna, Silvana & Gloria.

    • Oz Quiz 2. Prepared by Anna, Silvana & Dan.

    • An article on an Australian icon, Steve Irwin with a small interview to different students to get their reaction to his accidental death. Listen to it in Let's Talk. You can read the script here. It was prepared by Marielle, Sany, Dina, Chi & Sarina.

    • An interview with Sally, the teacher of AMEP-C, about the International Food Market organised by her students last week, also in Let's Talk. Check the beautiful poster Fawzia designed. The interview was conducted by Sany, Chi & Robert.

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