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    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Commonweath Games

    Peter Konnecke's photos

    One of our teachers, Nadia, has prepared this worksheet for all our students. You cna write the answers in a Word document. Then Save it As, and finally either print it and hand it in to your teacher, or email it to your teacher as an attachment.


    Helpful site: Commonwealth Games
    (check latest media releases)

    1. When and where are the 2006 Commonwealth Games being held?
    2. When and where were the first games held?
    3. When the games first started, what other name did they have?
    4. Which countries participated in the first games and which country won the first trophy?
    5. How frequently are the games held?
    6. Where were the last games held?
    7. Where are the next games going to be held?
    8. Which 3 countries hold the largest medal tally since 1930?
    9. Name Commonwealth Games sports starting with these letters: ABCDFGHJNRSTW
    10. How many Austrlain athletes are taking part in the 2006 games? How does this number compare with last games?
    11. What are the largest and the smallest Australian sport teams for 2006?
    12. These 3 Australian athletes will attempt their third consecutive gold medal in the same event in 2006. Which events are they? Ian Thorpe, Michael Diamond, Jane Saville
    13. Find the following 2006 Australian athletes and give some details:
    The tallest, the oldest, the youngest

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