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    Sunday, March 19, 2006

    Harmony Day 2

    1. Yesterday wasHarmony Day and we had morning tea with all the students in our class. We all come from different cultural backgrounds. Table manners are sometimes different. Look at our forum on table manners and write instructions on DO's and Don'ts of table manners for our parties. Include all the rules from all the different backgrounds. For example, in Spain you shouldn't leave your hand under the table at any time while you are eating (who knows what you are could be doing!), so the instructions sould be:
    • Do not place your hand on your lap
    • Always leave your hands on the table
    • Do not place your elbow on the table
    Post your instructions in your blog.

    2. Listen to your beautiful introduction of yourselves in the podcast Who are we? and check the pictures at the bottom of this blog. I'll change them every now and then.

    3. Listen to Liz's interview, A Trip to Afghanistan . You will find out many interesting things about her and what she does when she's not teaching English.

    4. Go to Time4English, Lower Intermediate and listen to 8C Life Savers

    5. Also in Time4English, check the meaning of these Aussie slang words: aggro, barbie, bathers, brekky, cow, and grotty. You will find a Slang Dictionary on the front page (Home), below MENU.

    6. Liz taught you some words and expressions used in Australian English. Check this post for more information and games on Australia, Oz Quiz. Can any one solve the hidden message?

    AMEP-A celebrate Harmony Day

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