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    Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    Harmony Day

    Today's Work

    Photos by Josef Stuefer

    1. Today I would like you to be aware of Harmony Day . When is it celebrated and what does it celebrate? We might do furhter work in class.
    2. Go to this Computer vocabulary game with pictures to learn the language of your computer hardware. Do the first 2 exerecises only (first and 3rd page).
    3. Go to the forum and give your opinion on table manners. Before writing anything, you should read the link to Chopstick rules.
    4. In Sydney's People Podcast, listen to Touring Europe and answer the questions.
    5. Last week we couldn't do any work for Time4English, try to look at the exercises when you have time. Today I would like to thank Melinda from Time4English for having prepared exercises specifically directed at the topic we've been working on, Water Safety. Go to LowerIntermediate Unit 8 and listen to 8A SAFETY AT THE BEACH - DOs AND DON'Ts. It gives you another example of written instructions. You can use it as revision for your assessment with Liz on giving instructions. Remember that I don't put a link to it here, as we have a subscription and you have to log on!. Cick on the right side bar and then log on.
    6. Listen to 8B FLAGS ON THE BEACH.
    7. Also in Time4English Intermediate, go to MORE/ GRAMMAR BOOK and print the tense chart (under T). It's a very good summary of English tenses.
    8. Do the first exercise on the Past Simple.
    9. If you have any spare time, write anything you like in your blogs or comment on other people's blogs.
    10. You should also find time to answer the Commonwealth Games questions. It's part of Australian Systems and culture and you will be hearing a lot about them on TV.

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