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    Tuesday, May 09, 2006


    Lunch at Harry's Cafe De Wheels. Photo taken by Marcela.
    Media was one of the topics we chose to be part of our course this semester.

    This week we've been working with TV news. You can visit the Behind the News (BTN) website to get transcripts of their programs and other information.

    Radio is another important means of communication. This term you are going to produce a radio program for our audio blog, Let's talk. Visit The Bardwell Road Centre for examples of what you can do . Fernanda's students could then send us their own answers to your questions and even their own interviews.

    Choose a topic for your radio program. It should involve interviews to your classmates or native speakers, like teachers, friends, etc. Start thinking of the questions and write them down. You can record the interview with an mp3 player, like mine or Robert's, Audacity or directly into podomatic when we are in the computer class. This is going to limit the number of people who can come to our computer room! Has anyone got any ideas to solve this problem?

    • Another topic you chose was legal matters that concern you in your daily life. Remember that we started working on Car Insurance. Make sure you do all the exercises prepared by Melinda in Time4English for us. You'll find them in Level 5-Intermediate/7 LIVING IN AUSTRALIA. Tomorrow, Wednesday 10th May, you'll write a report on car insurance in Australia.
    • Go to our forum and participate in this week's topic, your first impressions of Sydney adn Australian way of life.
    • Make sure you have written the questions you recorded for Fernanda in their podomatic, Let's try podcasting. Find your audio comment and if you haven't done it, write the exact words you have used. This will help her students, in case they have problems understanding us.
    • Check our podomatic, Let's talk. Fernanda's students have answered some of your questions and I have posted our class discussion (after a bit of editing) for them to listen.
    • Also in Let's talk leave answers to your classmates' questions. This time practise leaving them directly, without using Audacity. I'll give you the username and password.
    • I forgot to remind you to visit another blog from Portugal, their teacher left a message in our podomatic, Let's talk. You'll find a link there.
    • Read Vuthy's email to uas all in the comments in this post. He misses being here a lot.

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    At 9:02 PM, Blogger Rosa said...

    Message from Vuthy:
    Hi Rosa and all,

    How are you going? I don't know, how to start from but as i known it's about over 2 month that i've been far away from you and all of my classmates. It's too fast 2 month already that we don't know first, right? I was busy as usual and today it the 5 of May and on the other hand it's nearly Mother's Day, isn't it? Have you got something to give to your mother?.

    Well, I've been opended our class blog and i saw a lots of our friends now. Are they a new student? Welcom and Nice to meet you on our class blog, even i see you only the computer screen but i feel very happy that i have you join our class. Especially Djimi, how are you? and also palawat and Hidiki? What are you doing right now? Don't you miss me? Maybe know i think, if maybe you send e-mail to me but nothing. Ok forget me.( I am just joking with you my best friend, Don't keep in your mind ) anyway we still a best friends and all of my classmate either.

    Happy On Mother's Day. God will bring his wishes to all of you, not even now, is forever. Don't forget me and don't put me to apart, i felt alone.

    Ok then. Bye Bye. Catch you later.

    Best Wishes ( Vuthy )

    At 12:51 PM, Blogger Johnny said...

    Hi this is Johnny from PodOmatic. I saw your post and thought I would chime in. Are you aware that you can post via phone.

    You can set up a K7.net voicemail for free and then input this number into your preferences:

    If you have questions send me email:
    care at podOmatic dot com

    Thanks for using PodOmatic!


    At 9:26 PM, Blogger tazman said...

    Marcela what happened with you ?
    why you didn't go with them? or where have you being i'm not sure if is good english but doesn't matter.. cya


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