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    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Welcome back!

    It was great to see you all (well, nearly all of you) back in class today. You seem to have had a good break. Some did interesting things, like Chika who went to the Jenolan Caves. Some did more urban things, like Chris and myself who visited the pearl exhibition, Pearls, in the Australian Museum. Others got a bit bored and most of you did quite a lot of work in your blogs and catching up with your homework.

    Today we are going to concentrate on recording our answers to Fernanda's students' questions. You can read ladt weeks' post Our exchange with Portugal to start with. So sit next to the same classmate as yesterday and start working.:
    • open Audacity
    • record your answer
    • check the recording and edit it: get rid of silences, noises, re-record bits that you are not happy with, etc
    • when you finish, import as mp3
    • go to Let's try podcasting, look for the question you are answering, listen to it and import your audacity answer
    • Listen to all the recorded questions and answers. View Graham's answers, too.
    Once we finish answering all the questions, we'll start recording our own questions for Fernanda's students and I'll post them in Let's talk (our class' podomatic).

    • Remember to look for photos of yourselves or flickr/net photos in traditional costume. We can use them for our podomatic post. You can see an example of the traditional costume from my region (Aragon) in the photo of my niece Clara, taken during the festivity of my town, San Lorenzo, which takes place on 10th August every year and which goes on for a whole week.

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