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    Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    Working Online

    1. Today I'm not posting any new podcasts to let you work on Liz's A Trip to Afghanistan. But you must go and visit Robert's blog. He has posted his first podcast. Next week he promised to help me show you how to do it. If you want to try recording your voice with audacity (or an mp3 player and then you edit it with Audacity) visit the instructions I posted in Sydney's People Podcast.

    2. Go to the forum. Last Tuesday was Harmony Day, but we were too busy to have a forum. We can look at it today. Harjit and myself already posted an entry. Today I would like to expand the topic to the Cronulla riots. What do you think about it?

    3. We have been learning how to read and write information texts or reports. In Time4English, Lower Intermediate, Vacation, you can get more ideas and information on animal reports. Remember to write one on an animal from your country of origin. And remember to use the structure:
    General Statement
    Description of parts (appearance; habitat; behaviour)

    Remember the linguistic features:
    simple present (Kangaroos are native Australian animals)
    noun groups (The red Kangaroo)
    generic subjects (The kangaroo/kangaroos/a kangaroo)
    always agree subject and verb ( The kangaroo has/Kangaroos have)
    use be/have
    use correct expressions of time (under a tree).

    4. Visit Blogging from the Tropics , a class blog from Brazil. Introduce yourself to the students whose links appear on the left sidebar. Their teacher, Bee, has invited my students to communicate with hers. They are teenagers, but as you will be able to see, their English is very good. Bee also suggests to write to a group of women in Young caucasus women .You will find links to them in every post. They write about very interesting topics. Read them and tell them what you think or ask them questions in comments.

    5. Go to Racism No Way, in the Game Room there are several puzzles. You can try the interactive crosswords. You can also create a poster in Graffiti Wall.

    6. Go to Time4English and finish all the activities in Lower Intermediate, 8 LIVING IN AUSTRALIA (this week you should be doing 8d Drownings and 8E Jellyfish)

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