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    Friday, March 31, 2006

    Archibald Prize, reports & copy right

    On Thursday 13th April we are going to go to the Art Gallery. Download and print the workshet The Archibald Prize Excursion.

    Go to Train Timetables if you want more practice on how to read them.

    Go to our forum and give your opinion to the last topic.

    You have to publish your report on your hometown. Download this worksheet, Written Skill, Report: Places,Checklist to help you with analysing the structure and linguistic freatures of reports already published in our blog.

    To learn more about the importance of copy right, visit Creative Commons flash show Get Creative.
    • Melinda from Time4English has created some car insurance related exercises for you to do. Go to Intermediate level and do 7A and 7B. I will print a webquest on the same topic for your holidays. This is part of the legal topics that you wanted to deal with as thematic content for our course.

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