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    Monday, April 17, 2006

    The Archibald Prize & Woolloomooloo

    I hope you enjoyed our day at the Art Gallery of NSW and Wooloomooloo. You experienced one of Sydney's most popular spots: Harry's Cafe De Wheels, famous for its authentic pies. Chika was telling us that she always sees accidents there at night. Read this article from the Daily Telegraph, posted by the Pedestrian Council of Australia, where they say that site is "an accident waiting to happen".

    How are you going with your opinion text about the portraits we saw?

    I've added some pictures on both flickr (picture above) and frapper (see below). You can click on the pictures and see the rest. I also added the pictures of the new students, Chris, Gloria and Nancy, and you listen to Chika, Gloria and Chris's introductions in Who are we?

    Have a fantastic break and I'll see you soon!

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    At 4:43 PM, Blogger bab said...

    Good morning Rosa,
    it's Djimi i hope that you had a good Easter.It's a good photos i liked them.I will see you on the first of May until then i hope you will have good time.
    Regards Djimi.


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